Chairman’s Message

Norbreck 2016 saw larger crowds busy Bring and Buy and more diverse Club stands, What will 2017 hold?

The rally is run by Radio Amateurs for Radio Amateurs –  all the committee are from Clubs affiliated to NARSA and as a group we are committed to the hobby.

The rally presents an opportunity to look at Club stands, chat with the members of other clubs and see  what projects they have on the go.

Norbreck Rally 2015 and 16 saw the event bring a lecture stream highlighting the use of the raspberry PI computer. We plan to extend this as many commented that it reminded them of the talks they used to enjoy at Club level.

Where has this ability to educate in our Clubs gone ? Well for many it’s still there, it’s the ability to spread the knowledge around that’s changed.

If your Club would benefit from others experience, then see if you can arrange a talk to exchange knowledge and in turn open up new avenues for the progression of your club.

In years gone by, the exchange of speakers was more prevalent. Through NARSA, I think we can help promote more interchange between Clubs in the North.

Don’t wait until 2017. Have a look at the list of affiliated Clubs on this web site to see what others are doing and drop them an email –  see if you can get the ball rolling.

The outcome I hope will be a better sharing of knowledge around the North; bringing the level of expertise to a new high.

Spread the word  and encourage others to come along to  Norbreck Rally 2017 !


73 Mike de G4VSS / KW4CN


NARSA Chairman