Clubs Exhibiting

As we get into 2023, we will start to update this page with the Amateur Radio Clubs, and Special Events Clubs that are exhibiting at the 2023 rally.

Updated 7 February 2023

Radio Club/SocietyAttending NARSA
Barnsley and District ARCAwaiting Confirmation
Bolton Wireless ClubYes
British Amateur Television Club (BATC)
British Railways ARSYes
Bury Radio Society
BYLARA (British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association)
Central Radio Amateur CircleYes
Denby Dale and DARCYes
Dundee ARCYes
East Cheshire Radio ClubAwaiting Confirmation
East Lancs Radio ClubYes
Eccles and District ARSYes
Furness ARSYes
Fylde ARSAwaiting Confirmation
Fylde Coast Repeater GroupYes
GB3IR RepeaterAwaiting Confirmation
Genesis Radio ClubYes
Gilmore Radio ClubYes
GQRP Club of GBYes
Greater Manchester RaynetAwaiting Confirmation
International Shortwave League (ISWL)Awaiting Confirmation
Kirklees RaynetYes
Mid Cheshire ARSYes
Morecambe Bay ARSYes
North West Fusion GroupYes
North West Repeater GroupYes
Preston ARSAwaiting Confirmation
Quantum Technology ClubYes
Radio Millennium LodgeYes
Rochdale and District ARSYes
Royal Naval ARS (Merseyside)Yes
Royal Signals ARSAwaiting Confirmation
Sands Amateur Radio Communications GroupAwaiting Confirmation
South Lakes Repeater GroupYes
South Lancs ARCYes
South Manchester Radio and Computer Club Yes
Southport and District ARSAwaiting Confirmation
Stockport Radio SocietyYes
Summits on the Air (SOTA)Yes
Thornton Cleveleys ARSYes
Travelling Wave Contest Group (TWCG)
Awaiting Confirmation
UKFM Group WesternYes
Vintage and Military ARSYes
Wainwrights On The AirAwaiting Confirmation
Wales Digital Radio GroupYes
Warrington ARCYes
Widnes and Runcorn ARCYes
Wigan and Douglas Valley ARSYes
Wirral and District ARCYes
Worked All Britain Award Group (WAB)Yes
Workington ARCYes
York Radio ClubYes