Thank you

2023 NARSA Rally

A Message from the Chris G8KRG (NARSA Secretary)

Thank you to:

Brian Helsdon – thank you for your help, as always, for organising the tables and reception.

Dave Wilson – thank you for your help, as always, for your time organising the exhibition, liaising with the traders, looking after the club requirements and generally running around sorting everything out.

Heather Stanley – thank you for all your help with the website, rally photos, and also the social media content that has been put out.

The NARSA Affiliated clubs – thank you to all the clubs that affiliated, put on stands and helped with the various jobs from putting up tables to manning the doors – without you we would not have a rally.

The Bring and Buy – thank you to Central Radio Amateur Circle for organising the Bring and Buy – was nice to see it back.

The Traders – thank you for your continued support with the NARSA rally, and we hope you will continue to join us at our rally in 2024.

The Attendees – thank you for joining us at the rally, in what are still uncertain times. We hope you all had a great day, spent lots of money, visited lots of stands and met friends and fellow amateurs who you may not have seen over the years.

Until we meet again on Sunday 21 April 2024 to celebrate our 60th rally, take care and stay safe and well.